hamster.dance blog articles tagged "music"

Notes on Lost Temple

Published 30 Nov 2021

Liner notes from my new album, a concept album about Peoples Temple and Jonestown


Published 26 Jul 2021

On my new album Point Mass, music analytics, and moving to the Greater Hartford area.

Plague: liner notes

Published 10 May 2021

Liner notes for my debut album, Plague.

Longer hair and other flamboyant affectations

Published 8 May 2021

Reflections on the 1968 Broadway musical Hair.

What I learned about music when I started making it

Published 24 Mar 2021

What experimenting with modular synthesis in VCV Rack taught me about music.

The 1975 Saigon audiocassette of French pop standards that haunts my dreams

Published 26 Oct 2020

A review of singer Thanh Lan's 1975 album Nhạc Trẻ 6.