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Published 26 Jul 2021

On my new album Point Mass, music analytics, and moving to the Greater Hartford area.

Plague: liner notes

Published 10 May 2021

Liner notes for my debut album, Plague.

Longer hair and other flamboyant affectations

Published 8 May 2021

Reflections on the 1968 Broadway musical Hair.

What I learned about music when I started making it

Published 24 Mar 2021

What experimenting with modular synthesis in VCV Rack taught me about music.

The 1975 Saigon audiocassette of French pop standards that haunts my dreams

Published 26 Oct 2020

A review of singer Thanh Lan's 1975 album Nhạc Trẻ 6.

Everything you do is a balloon

Published 25 Sep 2020

A defence of amateur art on the internet.

All I can believe in now is change

Published 18 Sep 2020

This is the story of my life, but here I have tried to tell it not so much from my own perspective as much as from the perspective of history and broad social trends.

September 2020 site updates

Published 17 Sep 2020

Some planned changes to hamster.dance for September 2020.

The abject horror of back-to-school season

Published 6 Aug 2020

It's late summer here, time to think about school again.

Tony's letter

Published 20 Jul 2020

About EarthBound's unexpected, heroic, gay NPC.

Who let me buy a huge truck?

Published 19 Jul 2020

If you asked me a few years ago where I saw myself in July 2020, I would probably not have imagined that I'd be in the driver's seat of a big, dually-rear-wheeled, diesel-fueled pickup truck.

2020 Commencement address

Published 24 Jun 2020

I'm a computer science student born in 1991, so it might not surprise you that I have an enamel pin made to look like a Windows 95 dialog box. It says, "Task failed successfully," and this is something of a personal motto for me.

City on hiatus

Published 19 Jun 2020

I believe San Francisco officially began to allow outdoor dining at restaurants during our last full day in the city; I didn't actually see any restaurants doing it while we were there.

Landing in San Francisco

Published 7 Jun 2020

We were sitting at the terminal in the evening of 31 May 2020 when I first found out about the curfew.